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In Transit

One day in 2007 soldiers came back to Yin Bays home in the Kachin state in northern Burma. Once Again he was forced to carry their weapons and supplies far into the mountais.He was sick, but he had to leave. They took many men in his village. If they didn’t walk fast enough the soldiers pushed them and beat them with their rifles. Deaths were common on the trips. After they had walked for three days Yin Bay could not stand it any more. One night he could not sleep, he decided to try to escape. He ran through the jungle for three days. Without food. When he came to a village he wrote a letter to my wife. He wrote that she should go and meet him somewhere safe. They took a train to Thailand where they paid smugglers to bring them to Malaysia.

In Malaysia, Yin Bay, his wife Ninbu, their daughter Mimi and 35 other Burmese was declared UN refugees by the UNHCR. A delegation from Romania came to the country to accept them and bring them to Romania. Here they could live safely and the kids could get a proper upbringing and education.

Broken promises, no money or food and no schooling or medical care made the family flee from Romania and go to Denmark in 2012. However, as the rules are they were to be sent back to Romania. Back to a country that doesn’t want them and is unable to take care of them.

They had to leave the country where they could be safe and the country they hoped could provide a safe environment for them and their children. They were to return to Romania and back to Stolnicu refugee center on the outskirts of Bucharest where food is a luxury and money, medical care and schooling is something you don't have. Yin Bay and Ninbu now has 4 children. Mimi is now 15 years old, Brinbrin at 5 was born in Malaysia, two year old Alot born the first time the family was in Romania and Abraham who is one year old is Born in Denmark.

The Mabu family is among the lucky ones. They get no money, no food, the children can’t go to school, they can only go to the doctor in case of an emergency, but they have a residence permit in the country. They can get a refugee passport, and they have been in Denmark. Of the small amount of money they got in Denmark they put some away. Savings are the only thing that enables them to survive and buy food. When that gone, they have nothing.

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